Update on MKHBC-8-R1.

If I only knew this would be so much work... ;-)

OK, the point-to-point soldering isn't really fun. At least not when you have to do so many soldering points. Well, I guess nothing builds itself. If I want to see some results then I have to go through it. No way around it, I can not afford outsourcing.

Therefore over the past several, aaaah..., months, I did most of the soldering on my CPU card. So, don't loose the hope yet, we just might see the end of this part of the project before the end of the year. My goal is to have CPU card and serial port card ready this year, as I outlined in my last update.

Just take a look at the pictures, as the computer takes a shape...

Image 1 : CPU card (to the left) and mother board (to the right). I record my soldering progress the old fashioned way by checking out the connections on the list.

Image 2 : Closer look at the CPU card.
Image 3 : CPU card, the connections side. It looks like a big mess of wires, but believe me, each connection is very carefully laid out, done and checked with the multi-meter. I hope this will work :-)

Image 4 : This is how it looked like nearly 2 months ago, when I connected the Vcc and Ground points.

This article does not look like much, but it actually describes about 8-10 hours of my work (on the CPU card alone). And this brings us to the beginning of this article. ;-)

Thank you for visiting.

Marek Karcz, 11/18/2013


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