Fish Tank Automation - finished.

Time for celebration has come as I finished my Fish Tank Automation project and the system is up and running now for almost a week with no problems so far. I updated the source code and documentation and all is available for download from my skydrive folder. Look for file, which contains documentation, pictures and source code. The Arduino sketch alone is also available under the same folder in archive, however the documentation archive contains all additional libraries needed to compile the code.

Pictures of the installed and running system:

Dry test run before installing the system on the fish tank.

Installed and running.

Food dispensing unit.

Control unit, temperature warning LED-s and Sel/Set buttons.

Temperature sensor is visible here just below the control unit - it is of course inside the fish tank.

My fish likes it :-)

The power housing unit is visible here to the left of the fish tank.
It is always good to see the project all the way through to the practical application. So many of my projects end up forgotten and unfinished. 
I used this one to teach myself some discipline.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Marek Karcz 11/8/2014


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