MKHBC-8-R1 - soldering I/O Expansion Bus.

I advanced the project a bit last night and hope to finish this part over the weekend. The bus will have 4 expansion slots made of IDE sockets. I little more than a half of the pins are used for signals (8 address pins, 8 data pins, CPU bus signals), the rest are ground and one is +5V. I am thinking of changing one of the ground pins to be a 12V pin in case any expansion card needs higher than 5V voltage. The pictures below show the progress I made since last time:

Bottom of the board. The area I work on now is in the middle and on the left. The big mess of wires to the right is the CPU Bus. It looks like that because I had to lift up all excess wire to be able to work on the I/O Expansion Bus. Once I start soldering these wires to the I/O part, the mess will clean up.
Full view of the bottom of the board.
Top of the board - IC and slots layout.

Thanks for looking.

Marek Karcz


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